YDDC Phone Banks

YDDC is proud to celebrate the over 1000 calls made over the past two weeks in support of Virginia Democrats running for election this November.Our dialing fingers are fatigued, our voices hoarse and our ears ringing, but it’s all worth it for the chance to turn our purple neighbor a bluer shade.

Our first phone bank was on NARAL’s behalf to support Virginia Senate candidate Dr. Jill McCabe. The pediatrician is running against Republican incumbent Dick Black, who among other things, likened the pro-choice movement to ISIS. We also organized a phone bank to support Delegate Kathleen Murphy in her re-election bid. We were delighted that a high school Young Dems chapter from Alabama stopped by to help out.

“Both of these candidates are pro-choice women. I love it,” Chapter President Alex Morash said, “Choice is one of those issues we can never stop fighting for--access to abortion, contraception, even breast cancer detection and prevention have all faced renewed challenges in the past few years.”

1,000 calls later, we’re looking forward to continued action leading up to the Virginia elections this November.

“As a chapter, we have a responsibility to effect change across state lines. Our lives take place across the entire DMV area. We shouldn’t enjoy some rights at home and others at work.”